The President of Croatia condemns the violence at Zagreb Pride

The President of Croatia condemns the violence at Zagreb Pride
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ILGA-Europe received a letter from the office of the president of the republic of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic, dated in Zagreb August 2nd 2007.

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Sirs,

The President’s office and the President himself are familiar with your notice that the sixth Zagreb Pride, held on July 7th 2007 provoked numerous homophobic incidents that, as you warn us, are not exclusively related to this date and event.

As the President’s office and the president of the republic of Croatia Mr Stjepan Mesic, on all occasions point out that it’s imperative to create the atmosphere of tolerance and respect of human rights of all members of the society, we hereby publicly condemn the threats and violence that had taken place.

We sincerely believe that the positive messages of the Zagreb Pride that promote tolerance, respect of difference and mutual understanding will prevail over the negative facets, as it happens in all highly developed and tolerant civil societies. In Croatia, we have to dedicate ourselves to working on raising the awareness of the public with regard to LGBTIQ individuals.

(signed by)

Borislav Vuckovic, M. A.

Adviser to the President for social and humanitarian activities
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